Metal dentures are prosthesis that can be tooth-supported (fastened tooth) or fastened tooth and mucosa, such as the free end of teeth. And are performed when the patient still retains some of its teeth natural. These prostheses are removable, or what is the same, can be extracted and placed by the patient.

They are made by casting metal structure (which may be of different alloys, both noble and non-noble) from a wax pattern performed manually, and with the use of preforms on the model coating. Reconstructions of teeth and gum are acrylic resin.


People commonly known as dentures. They are performed when the patient has no teeth and is therefore lacking tissue-borne pillars for support. The support of the prosthesis is taken from a wide base, extending over the surface of the mucosa in the alveolar processes. They can be unimaxilares or bimaxillary; ie, top, bottom, or both if the patient has no teeth in either of the two arches. In this type of prosthesis, achieving a balance of the upper occlusal joint with the lower, given jaw movements, chewing, the stability of the prosthesis, etc.


Fixed prostheses are completely tooth-supported prosthesis, taking only support the teeth. teeth that will serve as support, called abutments and at the ends of each edentulous area (without teeth), in which fixed prostheses will cemented carefully adjusted wear.


Prostheses on implants are prosthetic implant, are held in dental implants, so the patient must first undergo a surgical operation. You are prostheses can be fixed (implant) or removable (implantomucosoportadas).

In the maxilla and mandible, complete rehabilitation with dental implants can be made by implant rehabilitations (fixed rehabilitation) or by removable rehabilitations, or overdentures.

- ISA PAVIA Odontology - Rosario - Argentina - 2016 -