Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that takes care of all study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal shape, position, relation and function of dental and maxillofacials structures; still pursue the art to prevent, diagnose and repair any possible changes and keep them in an optimum state of health and harmony through the use and control of different types of forces.

Previously it was thought that orthodontic treatments were exclusively for children; however, today it is known that can be performed at any age with excellent results. also mistakenly it believed to be treatments that aim to improve the aesthetics only, but really orthodontic treatments go beyond that, because they improve the function, aesthetics and health course. Phonetic problems are also fixed, as the bad tooth position also changes the position of the tongue which causes the different pronunciation of words.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that malocclusion is the third problem of oral health in prevalence, as incorrect dental alignment predisposes preliminary sequelae such as difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene, risk generates caries and periodontal disease, Malfunctions problems and other psychosocial problems.

- ISA PAVIA Odontology - Rosario - Argentina - 2016 -